How to accessorise your Johnny Bigg outfit from Johnny Bigg


As a big and tall guy it can be daunting going into the world of accessories. Finding the perfect clothing can be difficult as is, so why bother stressing over extra bits and pieces, right?

Finding the right accessories for you can make an outfit innately yours and add your personal style to every look. And when an outfit is accessorised well you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons.

Whether it’s a timeless watch or an on trend tie, it’s time for men Bigg and small to have some fun with accessories.

We’re here to give you some simple and easy tips on incorporating these key accessories into your everyday look.


Feel like dipping your toe into the world of accessories? Cufflinks are the perfect place to start. While typically associated with formal wear, cufflinks are a functional and eye-catching accessory that you can incorporate as often as you’d like! Try out a pair of our Embossed Cufflinks in Silver with your favourite dressy button up shirt for a gentlemanly look with your own personal flair.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares can take an outfit from good to great. This nifty accessory is the perfect way to stand out when you’re dressing up and reflect your personal style. Pick out a pocket square in a contrasting colour or print to your suit to really make your outfit pop. Try out our Essential Pocket Square in red paired with a navy blue suit for a stylish, classic look.


For eons men opted for the stylish and dashing braces instead of a simple leather belt. While this accessory mightn’t be part of your everyday outfit, it can be a striking and handsome look for the right occasion! Try out a pair of our Johnny Bigg braces at your next trip to the races or even a dinner out. Just remember, if you’re working the braces you don’t need a belt, the shade of your braces should match your shoes and don’t be afraid to take off your jacket and show them off.

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