Friends of Johnny Bigg
Friends of Johnny Bigg

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Dubbo hospital and lived there for a few years before moving to Narromine. I was raised on a sheep and wheat farm, so I would say I’m a Narromine boy at heart!

Where do you live now? Why do you like living there?

I moved to Sydney when I was 19 and lived just out of Cronulla in a caravan park– it was definitely character building! Then I moved into the Shire and have been there for nearly 27 years, so I’m nearly a shire boy now (laughs)!

I understand you are now commentating Channel Nine’s cricket coverage. Do you enjoy this gig and why?

Funnily enough commentary work is not something I ever thought I would do! Now I’m doing a lot more work with them leading up to the Ashes series and I’m really enjoying it!

What would be your advice for young men wanting to pursue a professional cricket career?

There are four key things I have lived by that young people and players can take on board:

1. You’ve got to believe that you’re good enough.

2. You’ve got to be prepared to work hard.

3. Always look to improve and never be satisfied with where you are.

4. The most important one - have fun!

Glenn McGrath

What do you like to do in your downtime?

Australia is an amazing country and I grew up on a farm so to this day I still love going back to the bush when I have time off. I also do a lot of diving and am training for my helicopter license.

What’s your favourite part of being a dad?

I absolutely love being a dad to my three kids, it is fun watching them grow and learn. I’m spending a lot more time with Madison now than what I did with James and Holly at her age, because I was playing so much. Now I’m appreciating the little experiences like seeing her face light up when I walk in the room. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl!

Why do you think Johnny Bigg is a good destination for women to shop for their bigger and taller men?

Johnny Bigg is a great destination for women to shop for their partners because they can find quality and stylish gear that is both comfortable and available in a variety of sizes for the bigger, taller guy. For me in particular, I have always had trouble finding shirts and pants that were long enough, however since discovering Johnny Bigg, my wife Sara can now go shopping and have fun picking out styles because she has confidence in the good-quality material and most importantly knows everything will fit me!

Glenn McGrath

You are now involved with Johnny Bigg’s Spring/Summer campaign. How did you come to learn about Johnny Bigg? What attracted you to the brand?

My wife Sara actually came across Johnny Bigg and took me down to the store to check out the brand. Good quality clothes are important to her (because she’s Italian) so I instantly knew the gear was going to be good. Myself, I like the Johnny Bigg brand because the clothes fit well, they’re good quality and I always feel really comfortable in them.

What's your favourite item of Johnny Bigg clothing and why?

I have a few favourites. I like the fit of their pants and I’m in need of some new jeans so I’ll be picking up a pair from Johnny Bigg this season. I’ve also had a couple of jackets that I’ve worn to a few events that I really like.

How would you describe your personal style in Spring?

My style is quite relaxed and casual so in Spring/Summer I generally wear shorts, t-shirts, thongs.

Do you have any style tips you’ve picked up over the years to pass on to the taller guys out there?

Have a look at Johnny Bigg, the fits and styles are great!